Corn starch processing line

Purchased corn is sent to corn silo to storage after preliminary cleaning. After cleaning and measuring, corn in silo is sent to soaking section. Soak solution is turned to corn slurry by concentration, which could directly be marketed or added to corn fiber to make animal feed. 
Soaked corn is sent to processing section, including crushing, germ separation, fiber separation, protein extraction, and starch refining, finally creating dried germ, fiber, and protein. Corn germ could be directly marketed or sent to corn oil processing plant, while corn finer and protein can also be directly marketed or produce feed together with corn slurry. 
Refined starch slurry is dehydrated, dried, screened, and packaged to final product starch. Refined starch slurry can also be straightway sent to starch modifying plant or starch sugar plant for further process to produce other deep-processed products. 
Main Equipments:
Convex-tooth degerminator, pin mill, pressure arc sieve, disc separator, belt-folded filter press, blade centrifuge, pipe bundle dryer, air flow dryer, starch sieve, automatic packing machine. 
Main Capacity:
We can offer corn starch production line with capacity from 30-1000TPD input project with turnkey service including drawing design, whole line equipments, transportation, installation, debugging, etc. 
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