Potato starch processing line

Zhengzhou Jinghua Industry Co.,Ltd

Potato in pile ground will be flushed into workshop by means of high pressure water gun through slot, grass hooks and stone remover. Then passing through rotary washer to further remove skin, sand and earth. Cleaned potato will be transported by potato pump to clean potato silo. After passing through magnetic device it will be feed into rasper to crush into slurry. The slurry will be transported into centrifuge sieve by screw pump to remove fiber. Then remove small practical of fiber by fine fiber sieve. After that the slurry will enter refining and concentration stage. Sand and impurities will be removed when passing through de-sander. Protein and cell liquid will be removed after passing through hydro cyclone station. Starch slurry concentration will be increased to be 20-22 Baume. Starch slurry after refining will be fed into vacuum filter for dehydration. Starch cake after dehydration will be blend and below up into drying pipe system by the winnow. The final starch product will be collected in the buffer tank and packing and transported into the warehouse.

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