Chairman Profile

Professor Mr. Wang Yanbo(王彦波)

Zhengzhou Jinghua Industry Co.,Ltd

Mr. Wang Yanbo, Chairman of Zhengzhou Jinghua Industry, Deputy director of Central Lab of Food & Oil College of Henan University of Technology, Standing Member of National Starch Industry Association, Deputy director of Quality Control Association of Zhengzhou High-Tech Zone.
Standing member of National Starch Industry Association
Director of central region of China starch Professional Committee. 
China Professional Asscociation Potato Starch Executive Vice President
China Food Industry Association Potato Equipment Association Vice President
China Starch Industry Association Executive Director
China Potato Food Professional Association Executive Director
China Agriculture Ministry Modern Potato Agricultural Technology System Core Expert
China Agriculture Ministry Potato Modified Starch Research Center Deputy Director
Henan University of Technology Design & Research Institute Director
Thailand Cassava Industry Associtation Standing Member
Mainly engaged in theoretical research of crop starch processing aspects and deep processing of starch and its research, teaching, engineering design, process equipment research and development, etc. Having rich commissioning experience for nearly 100 starch plants all over the world!
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