Potato starch equipment
Potato starch equipment
  • Rotary Washer Machine

    Rotary Washer Machine

    Rotary drum washer is applied to wash potatoes, plantains, s...
  • Cage cleaning machine

    Cage cleaning machine

    Cage cleaning machine is used to clean up the dirt, stones a...
  • Rasper


    All parts in contact with raw material are made of food-grad...
  • Centrifugal Sieve

    Centrifugal Sieve

    Centrifugal Sieve is used to separate the fine fiber from th...
  • Desand equipments

    Desand equipments

    Desand hydrate cyclone is mainly used in removing sand ,mud...
  • Vacuum filter

    Vacuum filter

    Zhengzhou Jinghua Industry Vacuum filter combines the latest...
  • Fiber Dehydrator

    Fiber Dehydrator

    Sweet potato starch, tapioca starch, potato starch, wheat st...
  • Hydrocyclone


    ZZJH Starch hydro cyclone is used to each kind of starch and...
  • Airflow dryer

    Airflow dryer

    The moisture of starch is very stable, and varied 12.5%-13.5...
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