Wheat starch processing line

Process introduction:
Flour from flour processing plant is stored in flour silo, which would be conveyed evenly to dough mixing section to creat flour slurry. Flour slurry is next sent to screening section, in which gluten separation, washing, dehydrating, and drying produce gluten powder, B starch at the same time. Crude starch slurry after dluten separation is then sent to screening section to remove fine fiber(which is sent to feed plant), while starch slurry is refined to pure starch slurry after screening. Pure starch slurry is then turned to final product -A starch by dehydration, drying and packaging. Refined starch slurry can also be directly sent to starch sugar plant to produce other sugar products or starch modifying plant to produce modified starch. 
Main Equipments:
Flour mixing machine, homogenizer, maturation tank, centrifugal sieve, starch hydrocyclone, vacuum filter press,  gluten powder drying, air flow dryer, starch sieve, automatic packing machine. 
We can offer wheat starch processing line with capacity 100-750TPD input with turnkey service including drawing design, whole line equipments, transportation, installation, debugging, etc. 
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