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High-tech cassava starch processing machinery

Author: yisainuo Time: 2015-07-02 17:11:19

Cassava starch processing machinery includes cassava washing machine, peeling machine, crushing machine, pulp grinding machine, bagasse separator, condenser, dehydrator, screening and packing machine. Our machine adopts principles of counter current washing to cleaning out the mud. Sand and small stones effectively.

We can make any kinds of cassava starch processing machinery according to customer's requirement. Rational method of feeding, it is very useful in cleaning cassava, sweet potato, potato and etc. Also our paddle cleaning machine is the important equipment widely used in starch processing machinery.

General Introduction of cassava starch processing machinery:

1. The machine has the two functions: peeling and cutting. It is high capacity professional equipment for cassava.

2. The machine can be equipped with motor or diesel engine, so clients can choose available power source.

3. The thickness of slice is adjustable.

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