Corn starch project

India Corn starch & glucose project

On the basis of years Indian business, we got faith of customers by high quality equipments and elaborate service. Our business arrange also enlarges from single machines to whole line equipments.

The Sukhjit Starch & Chemical Ltd, located in Phagwara, Indian, utilizing machines manufactured by our company, decided to choose us as supplier for new corn starch production line after investigation and technical communication to our company.

The sukhjit Ltd newly delivered a corn starch project with capacity 15 TPH, annually 70,000Tons per year. Customer raises new claim in yield, water & energy consumption, etc.

After times discuss, we signed with customer in 6th, July, 2010. We offer whole line equipments including all process equipments, devices, pumps, stirring devices, etc.

All equipments are divided to  5 times for transportation in 2011, presented at the end of the year. We arranged experienced engineer to install at work field at March, 2012. This project is put into production after 3 months installation. We additionally arranged engineers to work field for after sale service at December, 2012. 

About Korea Project
Capacity: annual 30,000tons corn starch output and serial glucose production line
Location: Anzhou National comprehensive Food Factory, Korea.
Import Merchant: Liaoxin Trade Co., Ltd. Dalian.
Contract Time: October 31, 2013. 
Zhengzhou Jinghua Industry Co.,Ltd  Zhengzhou Jinghua Industry Co.,Ltd
Zhengzhou Jinghua Industry Co.,Ltd  Zhengzhou Jinghua Industry Co.,Ltd
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