• Convex-Teeth Mill

    Convex-Teeth Mill

    This mill is mainly applied to coarse crashing of steeped co...
  • Vertical Pin Mill

    Vertical Pin Mill

    Vertical pin mill is a modern mill with high efficiency. It ...
  • Germ Cyclone

    Germ Cyclone

    The DPX series germ cyclones are mainly used for germ separa...
  • Pressure arc sieve

    Pressure arc sieve

    Pressure arc sieve is highly efficient fine sieve under cert...
  • Disc Separator Machine

    Disc Separator Machine

    Disc separator is mainly used in the starch production that ...
  • Hydrocyclone


    ZZJH Starch hydro cyclone is used to each kind of starch and...
  • Peeler Centrifuge

    Peeler Centrifuge

    Peeler centrifuge can continuously work and intermittently f...
  • Belt vacuum filter

    Belt vacuum filter

    Vacuum filter is widely used indewatering cornproteinin corn...
  • Airflow dryer

    Airflow dryer

    The moisture of starch is very stable, and varied 12.5%-13.5...
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