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How to Make More Healthy Starch Sugar by Starch Sugar Machinery?

Author: yisainuo Time: 2015-05-28 15:09:06

How to make more healthy starch sugar? This is an issue worthy of attention. Starch sugar is healthier and more popular with the development of society. Starch sugar machinery can give you answer. Starch sugar machinery process the starch sugar by a healthy method. For example, oil is necessary in our life. We pay more attention to its safety.

We can supply starch sugar production line, from raw material of corn/rice/wheat... or starch to starch sugar (high maltose syrup, glucose...)

In the production of starch, the cover of the flow groove which is near the outlet end of the potato storage tank is opened, and then washing water is pumped into it from the other end of the flow groove. Although it is a byproduct, it is still popular due to its good quality. The STARCH SUGAR MACHINERY is safe and nutritious as it is pressed by physical method. During operation of starch sugar machinery, it mainly uses physical pressing method without extra additives. The process is executed in the best hygienic conditions without using irradiation and respecting Good Manufacturing Practice.The oil by starch sugar machinery is free from chemical additives, reducing loss of neutral oil and too much sewage. All the products from crude oil to final oil reach quality standard. The oil is clear and yellowish with good smell and taste.

Starch sugar machinery choose high quality starch sugar to press oil. From raw material to finished product, it makes sure fresh, safe, healthy and nutritious starch sugar.


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