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Market Expansion of Modified Starch Machinery

Author: yisainuo Time: 2015-05-28 15:08:57

For a long time, around the advantages and disadvantages of modified starch machinery, experts at home and abroad are mixed. Modified starch machinery optimizes industrial structure, extend industrial chain and add extra value. In latest years, modified starch machinery improves as modified starch market expands.

The USA has firm modified starch machinery technology which has already developed over 3500 modified starch products while China is still at a low level that most manufacturers cannot meet people’s demands for dozens of sorts, let alone the higher level production. Modified starch has not been totally understood. Modified starch machinery technology is inferior to that in developed countries.

Modified starch machinery can not only be produced into flour or grits, which is the basic production bringing about limited benefits. Chinese straight line type production exploits modified starch without making use of by-products after primary processing, leading to a waste of resources and contamination of environment.

In a word, compares with developed countries, our modified starch machinery still need improvement. We should intensify efforts to improve the efficiency of modified starch machinery in order to satisfy more customers.



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