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Philippines Customer Visit Our Company And Check Delivery Goods

Author: jinghua Time: 2016-08-03 16:33:23

Philippines Customers Visit Our Company And Check Delivery Goods


We're very glad to meet our Philippines customer in our office on Wednesday!  They came to our place to discuss the cassava processing technology and check his own machines before delivery!


Our customer has 2 large cassava processing plants in the Philippines and he plan to replace some new machines to reduce the manpower cost. For example, at before he process cassava residue with very simple way: first, pump the residue out of the workshop to the big residue collect pool; then workers dig it and squeeze water out and send to the warehouse use sunlight to dry. This method wasts lots of manpower, time and covers a big area, therefore our professor and boss, Mr.Wang suggest him use our fiber dehydrator, which can do pre dehydration connected with the 4th stage centrifuge sieve. The water moisture will be not more than 70%, very easy to delivery and dry. Our engineer also design the drawings according to his own condition.

Zhengzhou Jinghua Industry Co.,Ltd Zhengzhou Jinghua Industry Co.,Ltd

His fiber dehydrator will be shipped out within next week. We' re happy not only because we sell out machines but most important is that we finally help our customers to lower down his cost and get a better effect. We truely and sincerely hope to cooperate with all our customers around world. Any questions, please feel free to contact us and we'll try our best to help you!



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