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Unexpected Widely Uses of Potato Starch Machinery

Author: yisainuo Time: 2015-05-28 15:09:43

Potato starch is a substance existing in nature. In the last 70s-80s, researchers found porous starch particles in animal manures and residues after starch fermenting to alcohol and glucose. How to extract the starch? There appears potato starch machinery.

POTATO STARCH MACHINERY is a highly efficient, nonpoisonous and safe absorbent widely used in food, agriculture, medicine, papermaking, printing, cosmetics, detergent, adhesive industries. It is a fundamental material of troche. Medicine is absorbed in starch holes, increasing curative effect by slowly releasing and preventing loss.

Potato starch machinery can save a lot of trouble in the process of starch extraction. In detergent industry, Potato starch absorbs fragrance and fabric softener before embedding them to make particle addictive into detergent, adding fragrance and removing odor. In adhesive industry, it increases stability to extend validity by adding porous starch.

Potato starch is also a substitute of powdered oil and fat. Potato starch machinery plays an important role in processing. In cosmetics, porous starch absorbs effective constituents such as moisturizer and surfactant, reducing skin stimulus, making it moist and smooth. When applied on the skin, the functional substances are released by friction.

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