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What are the issues that need to be paid attention to when using the vacuum filter of corn starch equipment?

Author: jinghua Time: 2024-07-11 13:38:18

The vacuum suction filter of corn starch equipment is a more reliable solid-liquid separation equipment that can achieve continuous operation in recent years. It is widely used in the dehydration process of starch slurry in the production process of potato, sweet potato, corn and other starches. With the increasing supply of starch vacuum suction filters with low prices and good services on the market, what problems do our operators need to understand during the use of the equipment to ensure the stability of the equipment?
1. During the use of the corn starch vacuum suction filter, the filter cloth must be regularly and strictly cleaned according to the actual situation to maintain the normal suction and filtration effect. If it is shut down, the filter cloth must be cleaned and checked for damage at the same time, because the damage of the filter cloth may cause incomplete filtration separation or powder entering other parts to cause blockage.
2. After each use of the corn starch vacuum suction filter, the main machine must be shut down, and then the vacuum pump must be turned off and the remaining starch on the drum must be cleaned to prevent the scraper from driving the filter cloth down and scratching the scraper. After cleaning the drum, the starch slurry should be properly placed in the storage hopper to prevent starch precipitation or damage to the stirring blade, which is also convenient for the next production.
3. The sealing sleeve of the drum shaft head of the corn starch vacuum filter should be added with an appropriate amount of lubricating oil every day to ensure that its sealing is not damaged, so as to maintain a good lubricated and sealed state.
4. When starting the corn starch vacuum filter, always pay attention to separate the main motor and the vacuum pump motor. Pay attention to the opening sequence and avoid reversing. Reversing may cause starch materials to be sucked into the motor, causing abnormal damage to the equipment.
5. The oil level of the mechanical oil installed in the reducer of the corn starch vacuum filter should not be too high. The built-in oil of the new equipment should be released and cleaned with diesel within one week of use. After replacing the new oil, the frequency of oil change and cleaning should be maintained every six months.
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