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Indian customer visited our office to consult glucose production line

Author: jinghua123 Time: 2015-06-27 21:50:00

On June 27, 2015, Indian customer visited us to consult glucose production line problem.

Indian customer has been specialized in glucose production for decades. At the beginning, he came China to purchase enzymes for present glucose production plant, while he also has been consulting us about his glucose quality problem. His present plant produces 60 TPD liquid glucose for candy, while candy produced from glucose of his plant always becomes sticky in 2 months, which decreases shelf time of candy and also brings problems for his plant.

glucose production line

Customer during meeting

After his visiting to our company and university cooperated with us, he came to our office to have a deep discussion about his problem with our engineer. Our engineer pointed out four key parameters of glucose quality, DE value (Dextrose Equivalent), Ph, heat resistance, and transparency. While compared his glucose quality parameters with national glucose quality, all are up to standard except heat resistance. Glucose produced by his plant is about 130 in heat resistance, while the least requirement for candy production should be 150. This leads candy couldn’t be dried completely, which is just the reason why candy produced from his final liquid glucose is easily going sticky.

After our communication, he spoke highly of our specialty in glucose production, and requested improving measures from our engineer. This visit will definitely lay solid foundation to our further cooperation.

Group photo after convertation

glucose production line

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